Impa Industrial Mixing System

Introducing our NEW industrial mixing system

Industrial Mixing Kit

System Includes

  • Mixing Rack (H: 2.4m W: 0.8m D: 0.4m)
  • 20 Tinters (Including 3 Aluminiums
  • Colour chip shade box
  • Ral colour chips
  • Industrial colour chip palette
  • NCS colour palette
  • Highly accurate spectrometer matching backup facility

Range Includes

1Pk Poly BRS Enamel - Matt Finish
1Pk Poly BRS Enamel - Satin Finish
1Pk Poly BRS Gloss Enamel
2K Acrylic UHS Enamel VOC Compliant (less that 420g/l)
2K Enamel application Direct to Plastic
2K Epoxy Enamel - Satin Finish
2K Epoxy Enamel - Textured finish
2K Epoxy Floor Paint Enamel
2K Epoxy Gloss Enamel (chemical resistant)
2K Epoxy Primer Enamel
2K Epoxy Primer Enamel (suitable for application on concrete)
2K Heat Resistant Enamel (for Ferrous Substrates)
2K Heat Resistant Enamel (Structural Primer Finish)
2K Polyurethane High Solids Acrylic Enamel
2K Polyurethane High Solids Acrylic Enamel - Matt Finish
2K Polyurethane High Solids Acrylic Enamel - Satin Finish
2K Polyurethane Medium Solids Enamel
Ant-Rust Primer Enamel
Cellulose Enamel - Matt
Cellulose Enamel - Satin
Cellulose Gloss Enamel
One Coat Primer Finish Enamel (for all Metal Substrates)
Rubber Enamel (suitable for Ind & Sea Environments)
Synthetic QAD Enamel - Matt Finish
Synthetic QAD Enamel - Satin Finish
Synthetic QAD Gloss enamel
Zinc Enamel (Direct Adhesion to Galvanised Steel, Light Alloys, ABS, PVC)
Zinc Phosphate Primer Enamel