Kapci Software Download

Instructions on how to download and install the Kapci mix software on your PC.

        1.      Download the Kapci Mix software file by clicking the link below, this will auto start the download of the data file for the Kapci software (this may         take a few minutes to download)


  Click Here to Download The Latest Build


        2.       When the download is complete locate the “Kapci_Mix” Compressed (zipped) File within the “downloads” folder on your PC.  Right click the file         and select “Extract all” and run the extract wizard which will automatically open.


        3.     Once the extraction is complete locate the “Kapci_mix” file folder.  Open the file and double click the “KapciMixSetup” and run the install wizard.


        4.     Once the software install is completed locate the “Kapci Mix” shortcut on your PC desktop.  You need to check that you are set to run the         software as administrator. To do this simply;

a.       Right click on the “Kapci Mix” shortcut on your desktop and select “properties”

b.       Go to the “Compatibility” tab

c.       You need to ensure that the “Run this program as administrator” is ticked. If not, tick this box, then “Apply” and “OK”

        5.      You will now be able to operate the Kapci Mix software on your PC


        When opening the software you will need to use the details below

-                  Username: Kapci

-                  Password: 1

                The image below shows were you can find what build you are on (highlighted by a red box)