• Impa Filler Spray 400ml

1K Filling Primer Surfacer 

High Build Primer, providing full insulation of polyester putties and old paints. An excellent base for further painting.

Key Features:

  • High covering power
  • Fast hardening
  • Easy to sand
  • Suitable for small repairs

Application Process:

  • 2  - 3 Coats
  • 3 - 5 Minutes flash off
  • Air dry at 20°C

VOC Compliant Directive 2004/42/CE-IIB(e)

Colour: Grey

Product Data
Material Safety Data Sheet FL2004-MSDS.pdf
Technical Data Sheet FL2004-TDS.pdf

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Impa Filler Spray 400ml

  • Brand: Impa
  • Product Code: FL2004/1
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